Girls with a food obsession

Today I went to Rotterdam with my cousin to look at some studies at the university. It was quite interesting, we asked a lot of questions. And I came to the conclusion that economic studies are not my cup of tea. But my cousin was like, I want to do this, let's ask some questions, yes I want this, I've seen everything, we can leave now. So we figured we could spend some time in the city, because Rotterdam is fun!

When we're together, most of the time we end up having lunch at Bagels & Beans, because the food and beverages are so good! We had the cream cheese with wild salmon, carpaccio and grilled ham and cheese and we had all of them with the sesame bagel. Yes we had three bagels for two people, because we were super hungry. And for drinks we had the "everything" juice: a blend of banana, strawberry, raspberry, mango and orange juices. 

Then we did some shopping, but not really. We went to a lot of stores and looked at stuff but didn't buy that much, lol. After a while we were a bit thirsty and we both love bubble tea, so we went to YoYo! Fresh Tea Bar, which has (in my opinion) the best green tea bubble tea. We sat there for a while, because it was so cold outside! Then we went back into the cold on our way to the bookstore! I love bookshopping, books are one of my favorite things to buy haha.

After spending quite some time in the bookstore we went to eat pizza and for dessert had churros and poffertjes! Poffertjes are very fluffy small pancakes topped with a bit of butter and powdered sugar.  While having a food-coma, we slowly walked back to the train station. We spent the entire day in Rotterdam and we had so much fun! 


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  1. I like to visit Bagels and Beans too. I always choose the tapas platter for lunch!

    1. Bagels and Beans is a great spot for lunch! Tapas platter sounds good, maybe I'll try it next time!

  2. Oh my ziet er allemaal heerlijk uit :-)